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2) Drag and drop one of my emails into your primary inbox folder. I use this email exclusively with my clients as your messages are a top priority to me.

Coaching Sessions:

Session #1Bring a journal and this handout | Recording Replay (ground rules discussed)

Session #2 – This handout and optional heart work sheet here Recording Replay 

BONUS #1 Q&A Call! Recording Replay 

Session #3 – Relationship Goals sheet | Relationship Experience Sheet  Recording Replay 

Session #4 – Handout Recording Replay 

BONUS Q&A Call #2! Recording Replay 

Online Profile Photos Tip Sheet

ACTION ITEM: Once you complete the heart work homework for each of the first three calls, you can email me (legible) photos of each worksheet, scan it in or if you typed it up, share the docs with me so I can begin creating your draft online profile to then send to you. So finish up any last work on them.

Session #5 – Handout Recording Replay 

Session #6 – Recording Replay 

You will have a few weeks between end of program and our call to take your new profile for a spin and get some new experiences dating and communicating with men so so bring your new questions and struggles to our call as well as your celebrations! Email me when you are ready to book your VIP breakthrough call with me – [email protected]

Celebration & Wrap Up! Recording Replay 


Journal (Now): Since some of the heart work involves writing, I suggest you have a personal journal to use. While I often write on my laptop, having a dedicated paper journal and handwriting in it actually boosts your memory and your ability to understand and retain new concepts. Writing by hand slows down your thought process and gives you time to engage with your thinking and feelings so you can integrate new and meaningful ideas.

Printed Workbooks and Activities: (each session): 

Before each session, you will receive an email with the access link to that week’s heart work. Some work we will do together on the group session. Some I will ask you to complete before our next session. Or we will begin and you will complete between our sessions. Each email will give you clear directions. 


I have suggested devoting a minimum of 3-4 hours a week to attending the calls, engaging with the content, and journaling and completing your heart work activities. I often schedule these dates with clients. You may want to do the same. 

Get out your calendar and decide when you can:

  1. Access and download weekly heart work materials.
  2. Complete heart work assignments before each Tuesday coaching session.
  3. Watch and be present with any missed coaching sessions (I recommend doing this no later than Thursday so you don’t get the most out of each coach session as they build on each other.)
  4. Commit this time and transformation for yourself every week.

If you think about it beforehand and mentally AND physically carve out the time, you are more likely to stay on track. For example, I prefer to journal in the evening. If I know that’s a change in my routine going forward, I’ll think about winding down my evenings earlier so that I can crawl into bed to write for a while.

I’m here to be sure that you do stay on track. This course is mainly about your relationship with you and your heart. If you have to prioritize your time, I’d say your personal practices come first for the next six weeks.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

xo, Kate