A proven system to attract a quality man in 2020 while having FUN!

Are you sick of:

  • Swiping and getting nowhere?

  • Attracting unavailable men and scammers?

  • Men who just want Booty Calls?

  • Feeling like you have to settle for breadcrumbs?

  • Being confused on what to say on your profile or when and how to message?

Have you had it with:

  • Time-wasters who leave you hanging, feeling a storm of emotions?

  • Seemingly nice guys who suddenly ghost you?

  • Missing the red flags early on, even before meeting in person?

“I’m SO Sick of Swiping. HELP!”

This is for you:

  •  If you are ready to let go of dating anxiety.

  • If you are committed to build a solid foundation of feminine confidence and magnetism.

  • If you are dedicated to attracting better quality men online who transform from app matches into real dates.

  • If you are determined to not allow circumstances of any kind to stand in your way between you and attracting the man of your dreams

And now is the right time:

  • If you want to create a deep and loving connection with a man now but you feel stuck and frustrated with dating online.

  • If you haven’t tried online dating in a very long time or are afraid to re-start.

  • If you are ready to shift from frustrated with swiping to feeling vibrant, FUN and free on real dates.

  • If you are ready RIGHT NOW to meet grounded, secure men you can trust

Here’s How It Works:

Meet & Magnetize Men Program:

LIVE Zoom Video group coaching sessions, 75 minutes each (Value $850)

  • Tuesdays, every week for 6 weeks, beginning April 7th 6pm PT.
  • Create a new dating profile that stands out and stays authentic to you
  • Catch his attention and move quickly from online greeting to amazing, one-on-one meeting
  • Eliminate dating anxiety as you understand what men think and want from you
  • Quickly spot the red flags to avoid the wrong men
  • Open Q&A at the end of each session.
  • A dynamic, intimate group of women.
  • Downloadable recordings of each session.


  • Get your new dating profile up and LIVE
  • Having access to a committed coach dedicated to your transformation
  • A vision keeper who gently holds you accountable to your love vision
  • Greater confidence in your ability to transform your love life
  • End dating isolation!

Laser Pocket Coaching with me (Value $347)

Two weeks of pocket coaching with me, May 1st – May 16th.

Message me your specific, individual dating questions and I will answer you

Direct access to me via the free text and voice memo app so you are supported as you spread your dating wings and fly.

  • VIP All Access Package, Fabulous and Fearless in Love Interviews (download the mp4 video & mp3 audio) $1797 value
  • SPECIAL BONUS: Meet & Magnetize Men 6 Week Group Program & Laser Pocket Coaching: $1197 value 
  • BONUS #2: Sparkles from the First Text Guide: How to get from online greet to in-person meet in just a few messages. $47 value
  • BONUS #3: Your Breakthrough Love Session with Kate Houston. Your one hour private session to uncover what’s holding you back and steps you can take now to transform your love life. $497 value

Total Value: $3538


Limited time only!

You’re Not Alone and I’m Here To Guide You

Hi, I’m Kate Houston, and I believe being in a quality, loving partnership above all else is THE fundamental ingredient to meaning, fulfillment and happiness in life.

I believe you are meant to rely on someone vulnerably and authentically so anxieties relax, and you can be seen, accepted and loved for who you truly are.

I’ve been on hundreds of first dates online, and I was doing virtual dating long before it was a necessity! 

But there was a time not too long ago that I hid behind a mask of perfectionism, performing and people pleasing. I was a human doing to earn love instead of believing, by just being me, I deserved to be loved.

On the outside my life looked great, but on the inside I was taken over by a constantly repeating movie of fear thoughts – about what people thought of me and what I could do or say to make them like me more. I avoided conflict at all costs and instead tried to twist conversations to get what I wanted, often leaving what I authenticity wanted to say in the dust. The less real I was, the worse I felt.

After my marriage to my kids’ dad exploded apart, I had no full time job, no home and two little preschoolers in tow. I knew I had to do something different. I couldn’t live in the mental and emotional tailspin like that anymore. My whole life depended upon me having being open to change – beginning deep inside.

So, I got real with me. I discovered I stuffed my feelings down, didn’t speak up for myself and feared no one would value what I had to say. I let people walk all over me. But then I realized something. I didn’t trust my own feelings. I had let other’s needs and feelings bury mine so deep, I didn’t even know how to access them. I got curious, courageous and honest. With me.

When I realized how out of alignment I had been living my own life, I unlocked the secret to why I had kept attracting unavailable, ungrounded and insecure men for so long. I began living aligned into my love vision, and it reflected out into my outer world.

Once I committed to loving all of me, even my shadow self, all kinds of things improved. My health improved, my business took off, and I discovered I could show up as the real deal, genuine me on dates with men, speak up and share my truth in a way men were receptive to.

In fact once I discovered my Fearless and Free Love Framework, I effortlessly drew men in to want to be closer to me. I now get to choose which men I want to spend time with instead of trying to convince the wrong guy he should stick around just so I wouldn’t be alone.

Now I help young at heart women all over the world who are ambitious in business yet anxious in love align with their authenticity, let go of lingering fears and finally feel free in dating and love.

But these women didn’t do it alone. They got the guidance, inspiration and support to help them shift from frustrated with dating to feeling vibrant, fun and free in love. 

This program is a transformational journey that changes lives. 

Please join me, and we can get started.


Karen Seltz
Transformational Awareness Coach

with her man, Mark

I am so filled with gratitude for Kate Houston and her program.  When I started working with her, I just met someone online who I thought was a quality man. Kate shared with me her signature tips and tools to draw him in that really worked.

As we began dating, various triggers came up for me. Kate coached me through these often scary moments, helped me learn how to own and process my emotions, and get clear on what I actually was feeling and needing. This allowed me to stay present and in the moment with this man without running away or lashing out at him.

I utilized Kate’s strategies to be vulnerable and honest with him which brought us even closer, helped me to be more confident, and built a beautiful foundation for us to navigate conflict in the future.

Being in the “Fearless and Free Dating” mindset has allowed me to let go of my old stories and beliefs about dating and men so I didn’t future trip or go back to old behaviors and sabotage the budding relationship during those first dates and months. I learned how to find out what a quality man wants early in the relationship and how it aligned with my unique Love Vision.

My boyfriend Mark and I just celebrated seven months together.  This is by far the healthiest relationship I have EVER had and I have KATE to thank for that!

We trust that we can get through disagreements without hurting each other, we love each other unconditionally, he loves and accepts my children (and my dog), we respect each other, we do not criticize or make fun of each other, we are passionate, AND we have so much fun together!

Kate and her program was the foundation of all of these things! Thank you, Kate, from the bottom of my heart!


Dawn Montefusco
Transformational Writing Coach
with her man, Joe

When I was younger, in my 30’s, I had no issues meeting men, but could never seem to keep them around. As I aged I started to get scared that I would be a lonely, sad 40-something, almost 50 and was still searching. Finding a healthy match became a challenge.

With Kate’s coaching I was able to learn how to effortlessly attract quality men (both online and in person) and I was making better choices! I learned how to show up in a different, more open way so that the man I wanted could see the real me.

I was amazed how a little effort it took to attract the right kind of guy when I learned a new way of communicating, and a new perspective about dating. Kate changed the way I saw myself and helped me see how many awesome men were right under my nose!  This was a new experience and changed the landscape of dating for me.

It was a combination of self-discovery and man-discovery! She helped me identify where I was holding back even though I thought I was really open. It turned out I was terrified of intimacy and wasn’t willing to admit it. She helped me unhook from the stories I was telling myself that held me back from finding my dream man.

Kate was able to help me create an online profile that truly reflected who I was, choose how to be more relaxed on dates (I always had tons of anxiety) and to address my old patterns that stopped me from communicating my needs to a man as we started dating.

Kate’s coaching made dating not only fun again, but insightful.  I can’t believe I’m writing this because I’m now in an amazing relationship (for over two years) with my dream man who treats me with love, kindness and is sexy to boot!

I turned 50 this year and I’ve never been happier or more in love and I could never have done this without Kates support and gentle guidance.

Kate is top-notch and I feel blessed to have found her.

If not now, When? It’s Never Too Late for Love!